Two Schools of Thought

ECOS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very progressive gym. We love training with people from other gyms/associations and try to have visiting black belts into our school at least 6 times per year.

There are two schools of thought here…..

  1. Instructors, myself included, normally teach a technique in a certain way with the same teaching cues each time. Recently, we had Mike Horihan down to teach a seminar and the focus was on sweeps and counters. He showed a scissor sweep technique that is much more difficult to defend and now we have added that to our curriculum at ECOS. Without going outside of our school we would not have been exposed to this method that was “new” to us.
  2. Whenever a person visits from another school you get to train with somebody whose game you do not know. This can expose holes in both your game and theirs making both better in the long run.